Pig the Horse

When a scrape turns serious
Pig the Horse

One of our brave equine patients Pig had a nasty run-in with a fence post while his owners were away.

Pig Before AfterThe wound was a few days old by the time his family returned and could seek our care, meaning it had been open to the elements and (unfortunately) the local insects. Luckily, our local horse expert was here to help!

When Dr. Anna began treatment of the wound it was infested with maggots and needed a thorough clean-out. It took Dr. Anna over three hours to initially treat this wound, and a number of follow-ups to change bandages, check sutures and monitor healing progression. Two months on, the results speak for themselves! The site of the scrape is barely noticeable, and brave Pig is back to horsing around with his friends. We're beyond happy with how this big beautiful guy has healed, and even happier to see him bright and bubbly again!

This case was a particularly special one for Dr. Anna, who returned to her roots in large animal healthcare. Anna has a long history working in cattle and equine services, and was keen to flex those muscles when taking on Pig's treatment. If you'd like to find out what services we can offer your large and farm animals, give us a call to chat to our team!