Her infected uterus weighed 2kg!
Bobby's organ removal

Poor Bobby was rushed to our clinic in a concerning state.

*A warning for graphic imagery*

Bobby's owner had noticed that she was not herself, had an unusually swollen abdomen, and seemed generally very unwell. After examination of her symptoms by our team a diagnosis for pyometra was quickly reached. A serious infection had taken hold of Bobby's uterus, turning septic and putting her life in immediate danger. Treatment was immediately commenced and Bobby was rushed in for emergency surgery to remove her inflamed uterus.

A pyometra is a dangerous bacterial infection within the uterus, typically spurred on by an undesexed dog's heat cycle. When the uterus is inundated with estrogen and progesterone during heat without a resulting pregnancy, the uterus can develop a cystic lining, which becomes fertile ground for bacteria. Combined with dilation of the cervix during the dog's heat cycle, this creates the perfect conditions for a bacterial infection to enter the uterus and take hold. 1 in 4 undesexed female dogs will develop a pyometra during their life.

Left untreated, a pyometra can quickly turn deadly. The infection can develop into bacterial septicaemia, with the only hope for survival being removal of the uterus.

Bobby's uterus was successfully removed, and weighed an astounding 2kg! The infection had turned her uterus septic, causing it to swell and fill with pus, now more closely resembling intestines. She is thankfully recovering well from her terrifying ordeal, and is back at home with her relieved owner.

The best way to prevent a pyometra is to desex your pet. Many pet owners don't know that going through heat can increase their pet's risk of developing a variety of conditions, including mammary tumours and pyometra. We strongly encourage all pet owners to desex their pets before their first heat, ideally between 4 and 6 months of age.

Bobby is incredibly strong for fighting through this painful infection. We couldn't be prouder of our brave patient, and hope to see her again under much happier circumstances!